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Why Launch my site?

Business Site Alternative

LaunchMy.Site is the best alternative to Google My Business Website, with some extra features.

WordPress Ecosystem

WordPress encompasses a vast network of plugins, and themes, fostering dynamic website creation and customization.

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We offers a free platform for creating your Google My Business Site, empowering you to establish your online presence effortlessly.

Features you want

Fluid responsive

Seamlessly adaptable website design ensuring optimal user experience across various devices and screen sizes.

SEO optimized

Platform facilitating online buying and selling, enabling transactions and digital storefronts for products and services.


You get the freedom to create a online store website for your business. 


Engaging platform for sharing insights, stories, and updates, fostering communication and interaction within a community.


Simplified user experience, making navigation and interaction effortless for seamless engagement and efficient usage of the website.

Lead capturing

Strategically designed mechanisms to attract, engage, and retain potential customers, optimizing conversion and business growth.


Data-driven insights and metrics offering valuable intelligence on website performance, user behavior, and market trends for informed decisions.

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No Hidden Charges, No Credit Card Required


Yes, it‘s free to create your Business Website with LaunchMy.Site You Can, Create your website at no cost, and you can manage your website and can grab more customers.

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Yes, free website services often have limitations such as limited storage, branding, and features compared to paid plans.

Yes you can add website made with to your Google Profile page.